Burning Laser Pointer Review

Burning Laser Pointer Review

Burning Laser Pointer

Package includes: 1x High Power Astronomy Tactical Military Grade Green Laser Pointer Pen and 1x Safety Key

  • Safety Key Included
  • Adjustable Focus
  • Tons Of Fun
  • Battery Not Included
  • Charger Not Included

burning laser pointer


Burning Laser Pointer

The high powered green light offers great visibility range at night. It includes a safety key, and has adjustable focus, simply by twisting you can focus on the object of choice. It can be used within a safety kit, among many other uses.

Does not include a charger or the 18650 battery. Because of it’s strength, the battery tends to go dead quickly. Also the lazer has mixed results when it comes to the temperature it heats up to. Some have said it has burnt the inside when used continuously for more than 20 seconds, others have stated it wasn’t even hot to the touch (although, pointing it on your skin is not recommended).

Features: 4/5

This burning laser pointer features a bright green light which makes it easier to see in the dark at long distances. It also has an adjustable focus that can come in handy when focusing on certain objects. It’s also supposed to help in heating up the object, and demonstrations include using the focus to light a match. Included is also a safety key to prevent accidental use. It only takes 3 seconds to preheat, and it’s able to work in temperatures between 15℃ & 35℃.

Durability: 3/5

Being made from military strength materials, the lazer pointer is extremely durable. The aviation aluminum alloy helps in preventing major damage to the eternal parts. During the demonstration it’s advertised to be able to ignite a match. However, there are mixed reviews regarding the actual heat the lazer creates. There have been some who have reported it not being as intense as expected from a military strength lazer pointer. Others have reported it being extremely strong, and suggesting not to use it for long periods of time (over 20 seconds) to avoid it burning the inside of the lazer.

Size: 5/5

The size of this lazer pointer offers the user easy handling, and storage options. It’s dimensions are 25mm x 155mm and operates off a 18650 battery, but isn’t included. Good for taking with you on hikes, leave in the car in case of emergencies, the reasons are endless.

Overall: 3/5

Overall, it’s a decent lazer pointer if you are looking for something to carry with you so you will be ready for an emergency. If you are in an accident, lost, or injured while hiking for example, the bright green lazer light can provide a good rescue signal. However, if you are looking for a lazer pointer that will quickly start a fire when needed, this may not be the lazer pointer for your requirements. While it can heat up quickly, and is advertised as being hot enough to strike a match, there have been mixed reviews with the actual results. It has been reported to not heat up to a desired temperature for some people, while others stated it got hot enough to burn the inside with long periods of use.

For the price, you may find it’s worth trying out. If it doesn’t achieve the temperature you are looking for, it could come in handy for a safety kit. Burning Laser Pointer

5.5 Total Score