Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire HDX 7 Inch Tablet

Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire HDX 7 Inch Tablet

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If you are looking to get an amazing certified refurbished kindle fire HDX then look no further. This is exactly the tablet you should be looking for.

I am the type of guy that has a heavy use for my tablets from business to personal. I work on my tablet 4-5 hours per day and 1-2 hours for my personal use such as watching movies, reading and surfing the internet.

I have gone through a ton of tablets and devices and hope that my review and my experience helps you decide if this is the right device for you.

Speed (9/10):
I give this a 9/10 for speed. This definitly beats last years kindle hd. With the kindle fire hdx built last year it struggles to go through hd video content. This year’s HDX is able to play HD video and all the HD 1080p contents I throw at it. It is amazing how the 2.2ghz quad processor improved.

Screen (9/10):
I have to say the one of the best improvements has to be the screen. The screen is true HD 1080p (1920×1080). So basically, any HD content I view is in its intended resolution. The picture comes out crystal clear and in my opinion way better than the iPad mini and the viewing angle is superb. With the kindle hanged in my car I can view it very clearly from any angle.  Goes great in my minivan for my kids to watch HD movies for those long rides. I also seen improvement in the brightness of the screen.

Equipped with Dolby Digital Plus virtual 5.1 surround sound. Makes this refurbished kindle fire hdx an ideal choice. The sound system is quite nice.

Build (8/10):
It is somewhat more difficult to hold in the corners than the version due to sharper edges of last year though I doubt their pill will be held by any users by their corners.
Volume button placement and the power on this Kindle Fire HDX is not uninteresting. It’s behind the apparatus allowing it to conceal away from front view. But this may cause user to inadvertently hit on the on/off button or the volume button when regardless. Aesthetically it’s amazing but it’s certainly not a practical option when you’re attempting to use this on the go.
It does seem strong enough to survive fall that is minor but I recommend obtaining a case for it. Those sharp corners looks more susceptible to scores than round corners for the version of last year.

Battery (6/10):
This is likely the largest drawback for this product. The battery life just isn’t as good as I thought it would be. The 1080p display pulls lots of power. When working high definition videos of this past year, when the screen is on. I’ve the inclination bring an external battery pack around but favor something which is integrated (like a battery case)

Software & software compatibility (8/10):
The total amount of program is still lacking compare to the Play or App store but has been steadily rising which is a great hint. Software boot time and Games has increased perceptibly and compatibility is not an issue Silk browser has undoubtedly improved compare to the tablet with multiple tabs of last year really now operational on the HDX. For the version of last year, it’s practically unusable after 2 tablatures because of the shortage of hardware resource to the tablet (especially when the website is not optimized for mobile use). The HDX does not have any trouble going through any webpages I throw at it.

I am guessing some of these programs are just optimized for the dual core of last year.
I haven’t got the opportunity to use Mayday but will review about it once I get more update on this.

Complimentary Accessories (3/10):
For all smart devices, one of the most important time is the number of accessories available. At launch, it is clear the lack of accessories but productivity focus accessories like incorporated case/computer keyboard are losing at launching. This is rather unsatisfactory as it can certainly be a strong productivity device with all the right accessories attached. In addition, the dearth of case selection is very astonishing for a flagship merchandise on Amazon. Expect there will soon be many more instances such as battery case (due to preceding battery problem) or robust case come out soon.

Price (9/10):
I got the special offer version at 16Gb (lowest end model) and it is enough for me to use. The special offer ads aren’t intrusive like the model of last year and sometimes does reveal some items I would like. Compare to the ipad mini, this is practically a steal. For those that have the Nexus 7, it is rather similar in price.



To that, I say YES for people who are rationalizing if this is really a great upgrade. The screen and speed difference alone is worth the upgrade. The whole user experience only improve drastically with the HDX.

It actually makes you think twice in the event the price is really worth all that poor experience.

For HDX, this is no longer the case. You get both great cost, great screen and great performance. To me, the HDX is seriously the iPad killer of Amazon. It actually marks how good Amazon has done to make themselves a worthy adversary in the tablet market. I expect some software upgrade or battery pack can make this the ultimate road warrior!

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6.7 Total Score
Software & software compatibility
Complimentary Accessories