Emerald Rings

Emerald jewelries are the ideal green, and they make a stunning effect to any type of jewelry . Top-class emeralds are cut to maximize the intensity their color brings and not their size. You will find emerald jewelry as a rich, saturated color, pure hue, and first class translucency. Emerald is the traditional birthstone of the month of May.


All About Emerald Rings

Emerald rings have a gleam effect of green reflections that shines off the gem and brings adorn to your fingers. If you were born on May or you simply love the color green, you pretty much have a wide scope of selection from the emerald rings family. Solitaire rings have one single emerald set in them and can have side accent stones in different cuts. Trio rings feature three stones, which can be the same size or several different sizes. These are all but classic choices, but there are modern or vintage styles such as those with cushion- or Asscher-cut stones, also add rich color. Modern rings can have braided bands, swirls, and many other outstanding and intricate designs. intage rings have styling mimicking those of estate jewelries, with huge stones and exemplary metalwork. Rings which is the stone’s base comes primarily in gold and silver. The sterling silver emerald ring is a popular choice; the silver really emphasizes the green color out of the stone nicely. f you prefer emeralds to diamonds, you can find a suitable emerald engagement ring for your sweetheart and future partner to be. Some emerald rings contain diamonds in it, but most are being sold with just emerald as the focal point of the ring. You can find a wide variety of selection of emerald rings in different styles and sizes that will fit to your expectations.


Emerald Rings Reviews:

Most of our reviewers that we got was an everyday wearer of emerald rings, probably because it was their engagement rings , they were May babies or simply put they just love green.  Emerald rings are stunning and very rich in color, plus they look really amazing on the hand.

Most emerald rings are authentic, its pretty hard to mimic the real quality of an emerald. Personally , I think its easier to copy diamond’s quality compared to emerald.  Emerald rings comes in accurate sizes and is very light to wear on your fingers.

Most reviewers were highly impressed of the product’s beauty, elegance and class and recalled having compliments from the people around them saying that they look stunning with the ring.



Emerald Rings are not that expensive ranging from $100.00 US to $200.00 in both ebay and Amazon. Be very cautious in buying these rings, if it is too cheap then you might be buying a fake. Emerald are gems so don’t expect to be it a very low price.


Emerald rings makes a beautiful piece of jewelry, it stands out and really looks amazing on the wearer. Emerald rings are top class gems and are rich in color. So if you are a May baby or you simply love green then this is the perfect ring for you.  If you are thinking of popping out the question to your wife to be then this will be perfect pick for an engagement ring. Or if you are just a person who wants to stand out and wear something that is totally different from diamonds that are just sparkly then emerald will make give you the attention you want.