Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LED Flip Case

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LED Flip Case

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LED Flip Case

The LED Flip Wallet displays weather updates, email count, the time, and more

  • Versatile
  • Sleek
  • High-Tech Features
  • Substantial Length
  • Neutral Color Choices
  • Not Very Durable

samsung galaxy note 4 led flip case


Samsung LED Flip Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung LED Flip Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Forget bulky cases that lack practicality! This new wallet case with a flip design has a modern exterior resembling hand-made leather, and has edge stitching to give it even more of a classic touch. Available in three different hues, users are able to find a neutral variant to match their tastes.

Unlike your old phone case, the Samsung LED Flip Wallet Case comes equipped with modern technology that enhances the case’s functionality in order to promote the best experience possible. From sensing the time you open and close the case with it’s automatic sleep/wake feature, to the LED display, it’s sure to give your Galaxy Note 4 the added touch that it needs.

Ease of use 4/5

The sleek design along with the LED display, makes it easy for the user to access their device and notifications. It’s exterior is made of a material similar to leather, so it has a very natural non-slip grip. The LED provides users with a clear and crisp display of their text messages, missed calls, and other important alerts. A very notable benefit is the fact that the case can sense when the user opens and closes it, thus resulting in it automatically shutting the display on and off.

This case comes furnished with a dot-matrix design that makes it easy to view your battery life, clocks, volume status, and other important indicators without even opening the front! This makes it especially convenient to check the important and common indicators without having to go through the added hassle of opening your case and turning the display on. Many say that the dot-matrix design creates a feeling of nostalgia for some, bringing them back to the days of their first mobile device(s).

Durability 2/5

Although the exterior of the case is rather appealing to the eye, it must be noted that it is not made of genuine leather, thus contributing to it being less durable. The design of the case is very sleek, which is very stylish, but does not add significant protection. It also does not provide coverage to the right side of the device, making it more susceptible to damage.

Features 4/5

The Samsung LED Flip Wallet Case is definitely a leader in the feature category. While most cases just provide snug protection for your device, this product comes with the added feature of sensors that are able to turn your lock screen on and off. It’s structure fits perfectly with your device, so that you are able to view any information you need, and complete any task at hand.

The dot-matrix style design that alerts you of your notifications is not the only convenient feature. It also comes with a credit card slot on the left side of the interior, so you are able to store your credit cards, cash, or any other compact items in the safety of the case. This makes it especially easy to shop online, with your credit card easily accessible, and right next to your mobile device.

By replacing your screen with the Samsung LED Flip Wallet Case, you are also able to add all of the mentioned features above, without adding extra bulk to your phone. Though the Galaxy Note 4 is a larger phone in size, this wallet case only adds a minimal amount of bulk to your device, making it a lot easier to store and access.

Customer support 5/5

This product is actually manufactured by Samsung themselves, so you can always count on reliable customer support. A reputable electronics company for over 70 years, you are sure to be able to get the help you need when running into any issues with the product. Samsung has many different contact options that make it easy for you to obtain the support you need.

Overall rating 4/5

The Samsung LED Flip Wallet Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a great case for professionals and consumers alike that want a sleek and stylish design with added functionality. Though it could be available in a larger variety of colors and patterns, it is definitely an innovative case that will make accessing your device a much more enjoyable experience. It’s level of modern-day technology mixed with traditional features creates a wonderful balance of productivity and personality. It’s features more than outweigh competitor cases on the market, and it still delivers a classic look that gives out that stylish yet professional vibe you desire.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LED Flip Case