Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition

Graphing calculator handles calculus, engineering, trigonometric, and financial functions

  • Light-Weight
  • Compact
  • Easy To Use
  • Lack Of Customer Support
  • Durability

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition


Texas instruments ti-84 plus silver edition review
Introducing a new type of calculator, that makes mathematics easy. The ordinary calculator has a limited functionality while a computer is too large and complex to carry for ordinary mathematical problems. The Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator, is a specialized calculator that is specifically designed to make mathematics easier and faster to compute. The calculate has graphical capabilities which is unique to many scientific calculators.

The calculator has the ability to handle calculus, engineering calculations, trigonometry and financial functions. It is designed for professionals across the board. The multiple function calculator is designed to make work easier for working out any calculations that would need specialized equipment. Better still, it has an advanced way of displaying the results.

Ease of use 4/5

When assessing the ease of use of the calculator, it should be compared to the functions that the calculator does. Form the many functions that the calculator has, it is pretty easy to use. First, it has a graphical display interface. That means that you can get to view the graphs, the equations, and any other form of result that the mathematical solution gives. At a glance you can see the results and interpret it. The design of the calculate separates the button based on their functions. You can easily set a unction that will work with your calculation using the upper buttons then the lower buttons will be configured to the particular parameter of use. It has a file sharing ability through its USB and allows display of the values through a split screen for easy reference.

Durability 3/5

The materials used to make the calculator guarantees that you get a durable product. The casing is made of turgid plastic that has the ability to protect the internal features of the calculator from extreme conditions and weather. However, its turgidity makes it unable to absorb shock. If the calculator falls on the ground be rest assured that it will probably crack or the internal parts of the device will break. The calculator is not water resistant. It can get destroyed if it falls into water. A better material would make the product more effective and durable.

Accuracy 4/5

When it comes to assessing a calculator, the accuracy matters a lot. This is not a compute but its multiple functionalities make it among the best calculators that you will ever find in the market. It comes with 21 aps that are pre-loaded. Among the aps that you will find in the calculator include Cabri Jr., Graphing apps, apps for Inequality Graphing, apps that support unctions such as Probability Simulations, apps with accurate Science Tools, apps with StudyCards,and Transformation Graphing. These apps are known or their accuracy when it comes to computing mathematical equations and calculations.

Power 4/5

When you are get a portable electronic device then the issue of power cannot be ignored. The portability of the device should be interpreted in the context of the power that it is able to store and the functions that you can assess. The calculator like other calculators uses AAA batteries. The batteries support all the functions and can last the calculate for more than three months of average use. The apps that are used in the calculator and its other electronic functions use minimal energy for their functions. This enables it to be able to support various uses with the small portable AAA batteries that are installed inside.

Customer support 3/5

The calculator comes with a one year warranty. Other than that, there is no other significant customer support that comes with the product. More should have been done in terms of availability of parts and availability of repair centers in the event of breakdown. The support centers are also not well distributed to meet all the customers that exists in various parts of the globe.

Overall rating 4/5

The Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition gets an overall rating of 4/5. The product is good enough to serve its use which is offering extensive calculations that are accurate. It is also portable making it ideal for professionals who are mobile. The energy use of the product meets all its functions and the format of display makes it easy to use. The fact that the calculator can be synchronized with a computer and even have some Apps added to its makes it versatile for use. It is the ideal companion for any technical expert or student.